3 Beauty Things That I'M Addicted: November

This month my three beauty favorite products are a set by Jean Louis David!
I tried the new Oil Therapy ritual, a 3-step process (or just 2 if you have fine hair) enable to repair lightweight and leaves hair suppled, nourished and intensely bright.

Oil Therapy JeanLouisDavid

Vintage Mood

Last week I was at my parents' home and Saturday was one of my dear friends' birthday!
B. decided to celebrate her 25th birthday (damn, she's so young!!) with an intimate dinner with her  parents and her best friends! I was so happy to be able to go and celebrate with her!

Plus Size Outfit

Christmas Gift Ideas

Just a month at Christmas and we thought it might be helpful to give you some advice on gifts to buy! With a full month ahead of us there is all the time to think calmly to the perfect gift for our loved ones. We decided to share these tips in 4 categories (which of course can be equated to other): mom, dad, boyfriend and best friend.

Christmas Gift
Via Tumblr.
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